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The Robland BM3000, 3rd generation, allows you to automate several operations of panel production for cabinets. Thanks to its vertical concept it also fits in narrow production environments. The imbedded CADCAM software is easy to learn, allowing for a quick return on investment.

The BM3000 is factory equipped with a 5 mm boring chuck, a 8 mm spindle for drilling of dowel holes and limited milling applications, a 35 mm spindle for invisible hinges, a 20 mm spindle for the Minifix system and a 3,5 mm wide saw blade for groove making.
The first two tools can also be used to drill holes in the left and right sides of the panel.

CNC Boring Machine BM3000

  • Y axis reach/stroke

    • Drilling 920 mm

    • Grooving with sawblade 860 mm

  • Axis is supported 3000 mm

  • Z axis plate thickness from 12 mm up to 40 mm

  • A axis 360°

  • Movement speed 20m/min

  • Min. dimensions workpiece (X) 300x (Y) x 120 x (Z) 12 mm

  • The machine is equipped with a bore head with 4 chucks and integrated sawblade.

  • Max/min diameter bore heads 3 mm – 35 mm

  • Saw blade operates in the X-axis Max.

  • Depth saw blade grooving 10 mm

  • Motor 1 HP 3*380 V / 3*220 V

  • Minimal required dust extractor capacity 2300 m³/h

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